With delicious meat
Making you and
the world smile


Focus on safety,
security and

Cultivating a solid
discernment since 1995

Since our foundation, we have cultivated solid discernment.
We carefully evaluate the pedigree, origin, age, meat quality, fat content, and other factors of beef at meat markets nationwide and purchase on a per-head basis. We handle the deboning and division into meat parts at our in-house facility, allowing us to meticulously check the condition of the meat, including marbling. In recent years, fewer companies have performed these tasks due to a shortage of technicians and equipment. However, MARUTOMI SYOTEN consistently provides customers with exceptionally fresh meat.

Connoisseurship and
buying ability

We primarily deal with top-ranking Wagyu and branded beef, such as A5 and A4 grades, purchased from meat markets across Japan.

  • Made a successful bid for the Honorary Award-winning cattle at the JACC NET Exhibition, participating in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Festival 2017
  • Made a successful bid for the Excellent Award-winning cattle at the JACC NET Exhibition, participating in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Festival 2019
  • Made a successful bid for the Honorary Award-winning cattle at the JACC NET Exhibition, participating in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Festival 2020
  • Made a successful bid for the Honorary Award-winning cattle at the JACC NET Exhibition, participating in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Festival 2021
  • Made a successful bid for the Honorary Award-winning cattle at the JACC NET Exhibition, participating in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Festival 2022

Ties with hundreds of
business partners

MARUTOMI SYOTEN proposes satisfying products to various establishments such as Yakiniku restaurants, steakhouses, luxury hotels, and department store tenants, delivering the finest Japanese beef and heartfelt service. We also handle rare branded beef that is not often found in the market, and all our employees are dedicated to enhancing their professionalism to meet the true needs of our customers.

Brands handled

  • 丸富牛

    Marutomi Beef

  • 常陸牛

    Hitachi Beef

  • 西郷どん牛

    Segodon Beef

  • 十勝和牛

    Tokachi Wagyu Beef

  • 太田牛

    Ota Beef

  • 北さつま高﨑牛

    Takasaki Beef

  • 神戸牛

    Kobe Beef

  • 北さつま牛

    Kitasatsuma Beef

  • 宮崎牛

    Miyazaki Beef

  • オリーブ牛

    Olive Beef

  • 仙台牛

    Sendai Beef

  • 佐賀牛

    Saga Beef

  • いわて牛

    Iwate Beef

  • 山形牛

    Yamagata Beef

  • 馬追和牛

    Maoi Wagyu Beef

We also handle various other branded beef products.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.



Let's build
a great company.
Strong and kind.
A good company is one where all employees are lively,
build trusting relationships with everyone involved,
and fulfill both material and spiritual aspects.


Through "food," we aim to deliver "safety," "security," and "joy" to
our customers while realizing the happiness of our employees and contributing to society,
aspiring to be a company that lasts for two,
three hundred years looking to the distant future.

We lead the
Wagyu industry


"I’m grateful!"
"Thank you for the meal!"
Wanting to hear those words,

we at MARUTOMI SYOTEN diligently dedicate ourselves to ensuring safety, security, and quality to meet any of our customers' wishes. We cherish the bonds with our dedicated producers who wholeheartedly raise our cattle, our customers who have always supported us exceptionally, and all those involved in the meat industry. We value these connections and aim to share the charm of Wagyu, a part of Japanese culture, with the whole world!

President and Representative Director, Suguru Noda

  • 和牛の専門家である私たちが業界の活気を牽引する

    Sales Department/Manager: Daisuke Ichikawa(Joined the company in 2007)

    What I cherish in my work is the "bonds" with the people I encounter.
    Fortunately, many customers introduce new customers, leading to numerous new business opportunities.
    In sales, visiting customers is crucial.
    Making connections through casual conversations and searching for hints to turn discussions into proposals, I am always conscious of paying attention to the details.
    As the bond with customers deepens, I can take pride in my work, experience professional and personal growth, and find joy in my job.

  • 和牛の専門家である私たちが業界の活気を牽引する

    Factory/Field Chief: Oju Niinuma(Joined the company in 2008)

    To ensure the supply of safe and secure meat, we conduct division into meat parts, hygiene management, checks on processing operations, and improvements in the work processes.
    Eating is not only a universal pleasure but also a necessary activity to sustain life.
    Our job is to play a crucial role in protecting the "safety and security of food" for our business partners, consumers, and the children who represent the future.
    As the "unsung heroes" of MARUTOMI SYOTEN, we take pride in our work and approach it with dedication.

  • 和牛の専門家である私たちが業界の活気を牽引する

    Sales Department/
    Assistant manager:
    Shohei Noda(Joined the company in 2013)

    At MARUTOMI SYOTEN, we regularly hold meetings where employees can propose ideas to the management team.
    I am thankful for this fertile environment where employees' “Want to try!” ideas can be realized, boosting my motivation. This is only possible thanks to the pleasant environment and trusting relationships among the team members.
    When the team comes together, there is an active exchange of ideas, leading to tangible results.
    In conversations with colleagues, I always strive to be conscious of two aspects: "accepting feelings first" and "listening carefully to what they say."



Address 6-2-4 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6904-2981 (Mainline)
03-6904-2027 (Accounting - General Affairs)
FAX 03-5904-7200 (Mainline)
03-5904-7201 (Accounting - General Affairs)
Establishment February 22, 1995
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Business year From July 1st to June 30th
Executives President and Representative Director: Suguru Noda
Representative Executive Director: Hideki Imai
Chairman of the Board: Yuki Sato
Managing Director: Kenichi Yoshida
Employees 40
Company cars 12
Annual revenue 7.2 billion yen (FY 2022)
Trading banks Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Chiba Bank, Resona Bank
Marutomi Beef, Sendai Beef, Hitachi Beef, Kitasatsuma Takasaki Beef, Segodon Beef, Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef, Tajima Ota Beef, Ishigaki Beef, Olive Beef, other regional beef varieties
Major trading partners Tokyo Meat Market, Ibaraki Chuo Meat Center, Sendai Central Meat Wholesale Market, Fukuoka Meat Market, Hokuren Tokachi Beef Carcass Market, Yaeyama Livestock Market, other meat wholesale distributors
Major clients Wholesale distributors, retail stores, and over 500 companies in the food service industry
Nikusho (Meat Artisan) Marutomi, Marutomi K.K., Agricultural Production Corporation Marutomi Farm


MARUTOMI SYOTEN K.K. was established in Yono-shi, Saitama Prefecture.
The factory moved to Hasune, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, expanding the customer base in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
With business expansion, established a new factory in Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, and relocated the headquarters to enhance head office functions.
Achieved annual revenue of 3 billion yen. Expanded the internal system.
Achieved annual revenue of 4 billion yen. Opened Nikusho Marutomi.
Achieved annual revenue of 5 billion yen. (November)
Started meat direct sales events at the headquarters.
Achieved annual revenue of 5.1 billion yen. Opened the Misono Factory.
Achieved annual revenue of 5.3 billion yen. Established Agricultural Production Corporation Marutomi Farm in Ishigaki Island.
Started accepting foreign technical intern trainees.
Achieved annual revenue of 6.1 billion yen.
Achieved annual revenue of 6.5 billion yen. Established Marutomi K.K. Renovated Headquarters.
Achieved annual revenue of 7.2 billion yen. Launched the in-house brand "Marutomi Beef." (April) The first shipment of cattle produced by Marutomi Farm


6-2-4 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo-to 175-0082, Japan

Marutomi Farm

農業生産法人 株式会社丸富ファーム 農業生産法人 株式会社丸富ファーム

Agricultural Production
Corporation Marutomi Farm

We engage in the breeding and management of breeding cattle (mother cows and calves) on the resort island of Ishigaki, where you can experience abundant nature and the warmth of the people.

656 Miyara, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture

Shimbashi Store

肉匠 丸富 中野新橋店

Nikusho Marutomi
Nakano Shimbashi Store

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to "Nikushoku Marutomi Nakano Shimbashi Store," a directly operated store by MARUTOMI SYOTEN, opened in 2015.

Arai Building, 3-19-10 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Closed every Monday and the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month
Phone: 03-5309-2917

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